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How do you like this Tobias? Any kind of criticism is welcome, so long as it's vaguely constructive in nature~

Anon should be enabled, IP tracking off and comments screened.

My AIM is ironbirdobserver if you want to plot or would rather pester me there~ Just mention you're from here so I don't flip on you :3

<Another :< fais>
Back home, the scientific community would be all up in a tizzy over this. An entirely new species of raptor.

Oh, and they're alive. That's exciting too.

[A bit of an understatement.]

...they kind of look naked now without feathers. Less like carnivorous turkeys like Earth's velociraptors. Certainly not Utahraptors--maybe Deinonychus.

Out of curiosity, what would you name our scaly guests, Discedo?

Variants of "oh god it's trying to eat me" don't count.

#11--[Accidental Video]
<Another :< fais>

<--t this shit again.>

[The shock didn't find a target; only rattles along on some anonymous flat surface until the camera activates, where it stops. The device records a lovely view of a ceiling--and, in the corner, what looks like an urn.]

< I wish it would cut that out already.>

[And suddenly, Tobias! A rather disgruntled one. He pecks the device off without another word.]

#10--[Accidental Video]
[Remember when your parents told you not to tease the zoo animals?


Well, you shouldn’t. Not even unintentionally.

Case in point, Tobias was just drifting down towards this bubble to see what poor sap was stuck in it. And to see who had dropped their communicator on a roof.

…then, the bubble abruptly popped. Like a giant, very loud balloon.

FINALLY-- [Its unfortunate occupant was taking full advantage of the lungfuls of fresh air for the first time in several days when he spotted the floating drumstick red-tailed hawk hovering conveniently nearby. Nora's eyes went wide and his hackles went up.

--And without even a pause for breath, he made a beeline straight for Tobias.

< HEY!>

[For those who happen to be watching the networks instead of the rooftops, there is only a garbled bit of a transmission containing first Nora and then Tobias’ voices.

It ends to the sound of scuffling and the view of water. Quite cheerful, really.


[Oh, and that.]

#09--[Accidental Video]
what the fuck is that
[Tobias had been in the middle of something productive--really!--when his bones began to pop. The first thing the communicator's camera sees is a hawk...like thing tumbling off of a cabinet. The device is struck with one of the creature's flailing wing...arms? And down to the ground it goes.

If you look closely at the side of the screen, you can see Tobias! At least...a bundle of feathers that was recognizable as the resident bird boy. It's growing--and the sound effects are not at all pleasant. The crunching of bones gives way to a horrific sloshing of guts, and the feathers shrink and wither into a bare, yellowish hide. The flailing wings also shrink and disappear offscreen.

When the thing-that-might-be-Tobias looks over at the device, his beak has started to sprout entirely unnatural looking teeth, and his golden eyes have bulged out of their sockets, turning red--and into four.

He sweeps a pincer-like appendage over the device, trying to turn it over. It takes him a few tries before he succeeds--and all the camera sees is a dark patch of floor.

< Sorry about that.>

[Even though he is in actuality incredibly freaked out by this, his thoughtvoice remains calm. In addition, this particular bit of audio seems to bypass the listener's ears in lieu of directly sounding in their brain.]

[The camera blips online as the device clonks onto the ground.

It seems to have fallen right in the middle of a pack of Reavers, who have paused--perhaps to investigate just what this thing was and why A Thing had fallen in their midst.

< Hey.>

[Several look up.]


[A russet, feathery blur is briefly visible out of the corner of the screen--and one of the Reavers recoils, shrieking horribly--and with blood streaming from its eyes.

The footage explodes into chaos, interspersed with a hawk's screams, the wordless shouts of Reavers--and a truly pleasant noise that is the sound of talons meeting skull and flesh and eye.

< ...I think I actually got one.>

[If it were possible for a thoughtvoice to sound morbidly amused, his would.]

((OOC: Thoughtspeech is still not transmitting over the comms, but if your character would be within shouting distance outside or otherwise, feel free to have them hear.</i>]

[A voice drifts over the network; a young boy's voice, but not nearly as youthful-sounding as the children inundating the city.]

I forgot how useful thumbs were.

[--hold on.

This is Tobias' frequency.


To those familiar with the resident talking hawk, this is a very, very strange occurrence.

He not do that what the hell happened here.

For anyone currently in the room (re: Iji) there is a smallish, maybe 14-year old blond and very human boy sitting crosslegged on the filing cabinet the hawk had been perching on. YES, HE IS CLOTHED, but doesn't have any shoes. Have fun with that!

#06 -- [Text]
&lt;I can only make :| faces&gt;
Happy give your pets a heart attack day.

Let's try not to burn any more inhabited buildings down.


feeling weird


[Hi Iji. Your feathery roommate is doing a fine job of staring very intently at...a wall. In cone-boy's direction, but!]

#4th Wall -- [Text]
&lt;I can only make :| faces&gt;
...suddenly, people. Thousands of them.

#05 [Video]
&lt;I can only make :| faces&gt;
< --at's a really, really fucked up joke.>

[The hawk is on the cabinet again, staring fiercely at...absolutely nothing by his side. The small urn he sees is very real to him, however--and very familiar.

Tobias' mindvoice nevertheless seems...complex, not the easiest to understand. And for awhile...he is silent.

< ...hello again, Rachel.>


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